1. Homestuck Gif Challenge

    Use every third GIF


    1. Your feeling about the game coming today:

    You dealing with your sylladex:

    You dealing with your guardian:

    (Well, that’s pleasant.)

    Your server player who helps you enter:

    (Oh well that’s a big help.)

    Your sprite’s first prototype:

    (Is it the computer or is it Penny? Maybe it’s both.)

    Entering the medium:

    (surprisinly possibly accurate.)

    Your sprite’s second prototype:

    (Woo! Luke!)

    You fighting:

    (Somehow, I have the feeling climbing the echeladders will be really tough.)

    Your patron troll:

    (not only do I have a Luke sprite, but Hermonie will be guiding me as well.)

    how you spend the game dicking around:


    Your client player:

    (seems legit)

    Your romantic interest:

    (okay then…)

    Your death:

    (something tells me I don’t want to know.)

    Your god tier:

    Well, that’s a lot of things…I could by the hero of water, blood, equalizing, snow, sledding, stalking or fangirling obsessively.

    Your other death:

    (Death by hugs?)

    How you spend the next three years waiting for the scratched session:

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